CGI U Holiday Gift List

The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) was launched by President Bill Clinton in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world. We have worked with more than 10,000 social entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders who have committed to take action in their communities.

This holiday season, you can shop for a cause and purchase gifts created by CGI U alumni. These gifts are the perfect way to let your loved ones know you care while also making a positive impact in communities around the world. Support our commitment-makers and feel good about gift buying this year!

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Photo Credit: Solo Eyewear (image 1), Bean Voyage (image 2), and Clinton Foundation (image 3).

Your gifts can support eye care for those in need, provide stable incomes for smallholder women farmers in Costa Rica, improve sanitation systems in Zambia, and more.

Happy shopping!

Apparel & Jewelry

Solo Eyewear

Eco-friendly sunglasses that help restore vision for someone in need.

By CGI U ’11 Jenny Amaraneni from San Diego State University in San Diego, CA.

Mr. Trash Wheel Merchandise

Funny graphic tees to support efforts to sustainably clean the Baltimore Harbor.

By CGI U ’08 Robyn Stegman from Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, VA.

Ghanaian Touch

Handmade West African jewelry.

By CGI U ’17 Sarah Kyeremeh from the University of Houston in Houston, TX.

Art, Media, Games, & Toys


Postcards that feature artists and small businesses in local communities.

By CGI U ’13 Jena Dominique Pruitt from the University California, Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA.

OSO Bear

Hand sewn teddy bear made by women in Zone 3 communities of Guatemala City.

By CGI U ’15 Courtney McGovern from New York University in New York, NY.

Multiverse Mania

Party game to help improve Spanish vocabulary and support the One Habitat Foundation.

By CGI U ’17 Nikko Dutra Bouck from the University of California San Diego in San Diego, CA.


Finding Hope in Chaos

To inspire young people to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential.

By CGI U ’11 Steeve Simbert from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL.

Wish for WASH

Educational coloring ebook to support innovative sanitation projects in Zambia.

By CGI U ’15 Jasmine Burton from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in England.

When a Blooming Bud Whispers

Poetry book about aiming for your dreams where proceeds will help feed school children in Haiti.
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By CGI U ’09 Thaina Edma from Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, FL.

Lakeside and Tide

To explore the highs and lows of life: success, failure, love, forgiveness, and more.
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By CGI U ’11 Jimmy Tomczak from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

Free Slaves, Freetown, and the Sierra Leonean Civil War

Comprehensive history of Sierra Leone and its home for free slaves from Britain, Canada, and Jamaica.
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By CGI U ’11 Joseph Kaifala from Vermont Law School in Royalton, VT.

Tutu's Rainbow World: Selected Poems

Human rights lawyer from Sierra Leone who has written poetry about Africa’s poverty and struggles.
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By CGI U ’11 Joseph Kaifala from Vermont Law School in Royalton, VT.


Memoir that recounts the harrowing details of an early life spent during West Africa’s civil wars.
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By CGI U ’11 Joseph Kaifala from Vermont Law School in Royalton, VT.


Food & Beverage

Bean Voyage

Coffee harvested by smallholder womxn coffee producers in Costa Rica.

By CGI U ’16 Sunghee Tark from Earlham College in Richmond, IN.

Five North Chocolate

Chocolate made with Fair Trade Certified cacao that supports farmers five degrees north of the equator.

By CGI U ’16 Ben Conard from State University New York Geneseo in Geneseo, NY.

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Health & Tech


Compact desk elliptical to combat the health consequences of prolonged sitting.

By CGI U ’13 Arnav Dalmia from the University of Chicago in Chicago, IL.

DayOne Waterbag

Water purification device that has provided clean water to families in 30 countries.

By CGI U ’10 Patricia Compas-Markman from California Polytechnic State in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Smart pillbox that makes medication management more simple and personal.

By CGI U ’15 Emily Cerciello from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC.

Lucky Iron Fish

An effective solution for iron deficiency that has improved nutrition for families in need.

By CGI U ’14 Gavin Armstrong from the University of Guelph in Canada.

SolSource Solar Stove

Solar powered cooking device that feeds families across 68 countries.

By CGI U ’11 Catlin Powers from Harvard University in Boston, MA.