This new film by award-winning director Jesse Moss celebrates President Bill Clinton’s 75th birthday and lifetime of public service — with special appearances from friends around the world.

About this film

Special Appearances:
This film includes special appearances by President Joe Biden; President George W. Bush; Vice President Al Gore; Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State; Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil; Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia; Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico; Gerry Adams, Irish Political Leader; Chef José Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen; Paul Begala, former White House Political Advisor; Bono and The Edge; Erskine Bowles, Former White House Chief of Staff; Henry Cisneros, former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Chelsea Clinton; Aliko Dangote, Businessman and Philanthropist; Dr. Paul Farmer, Co-Founder of Partners In Health; Tina Flournoy, Former Chief of Staff; Jennifer Garner; Frank Giustra, Philanthropist; Mick Jagger; Derek Jeter; Zelda La Grange, Former Private Secretary to Nelson Mandela; Laura Ling, Journalist; Graça Machel, Humanitarian and Wife of Nelson Mandela; Rev. Anthony Mangun & Mickey Mangun, Pentecostals of Alexandria; Governor Terry McAuliffe & Dorothy McAuliffe; Mack McLarty, Former White House Chief of Staff; Lin-Manuel and Luis Miranda; Minyon Moore, Former Assistant to the President and Director of White House Political Affairs; Luis Alberto Moreno, Former President of the Inter-American Development Bank; Stanley Motta, Businessman and Philanthropist; Dikembe Mutombo; John Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff; Stephanie Streett, Executive Director of the Clinton Foundation; and Barbra Streisand.

Production Team:
Director: Jesse Moss; Producer: Isabel Evans; Consulting Producer: Will Cohen; Cinematographer: Thorsten Thielow; Composer: Chad Cannon; Editor: Anna Auster; Assistant Editor: Alisa Selman