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The Clinton Foundation improves lives across the United States and around the world by creating economic opportunity, improving public health, and inspiring civic engagement and public service.

We have received high ratings from leading charity evaluators, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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  • President Clinton: The Real News About the Clinton Foundation

    President Clinton lays out the facts about the Clinton Foundation – how we’ve been helping people, and the truth behind the false attacks on the Foundation. Read More »

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    FactCheck.org looks into the Clinton Foundation’s operations and finances, concluding that the Foundation spends the vast majority of its money on charitable work. Read More »

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    David Callahan from Inside Philanthropy lambasts “irresponsible” reporting about what donors expect from the Clinton Foundation, and debunks “pay-for-play” accusations. Read More »

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    PolitiFact examines the phony “Uranium One” controversy and refutes the arguments made by conspiracy theorists about the Clinton Foundation’s involvement. Read More »

  • What the Heck Does the Clinton Foundation Actually DO?

    Inside Philanthropy takes a deep look into how the Clinton Foundation operates – implementing direct charitable programs ourselves, and bringing people together to forge solutions to big problems. Read More »

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