For this 10-time NBA All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, father, husband, entrepreneur, and philanthropist — we can’t give up now.

To say 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. It has pushed so many of us past our limits, but it has also given us so many lessons about how to live, love, and fight.

People have praised the public stance players took and statements we made during our season in “The Bubble.” There were clear calls for justice at every press conference, social justice messages on our jerseys — Black Lives Matter impacted our lives on the court, and 96 percent of all NBA players registered to vote. I am proud and grateful for all of it!

I believe we honored the great tradition of brave athletes who have gone before us and committed to using their platforms for causes bigger than themselves. I also hope that we added meaningfully to the cries for justice for George, Breonna, Jacob, and so many others. I am proud of how we got there and what it taught me about life, partnership, and purpose.

What this year has reminded me is that progress is never about the work of just one individual. It has always been about collective sacrifice and the sustained commitment of many. My brothers in the league showed us what is possible when we listen to one another, commit to a shared goal, and stand together to achieve it. We all had to sacrifice some of our personal freedom and trust in each other a little more than usual, but we are all better for that experience. The work is definitely not finished, but I am confident that we can get there if we move forward together.

Can’t give up now!

Chris Paul is a 10-time NBA All-Star and two-time Olympic gold medalist. Off the court, he’s a father, husband, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has served as the president of the National Basketball Players Association since 2013. In his home state of North Carolina, he is part owner of the Winston-Salem Dash and owner of the CP3 Basketball Academy. His production company, Oh Dipp!!! Productions, creates content across multiple platforms and he has executive-produced award-nominated projects. Through the Chris Paul Family Foundation, Chris continues to provide resources that enrich and strengthen underserved communities across the country and during the summer of 2020, he co-launched the Social Change Fund to support critical and timely issues impacting the Black community.